Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just for fun

I never liked the feel of steel forks and spoons and knifes .
Wood is so much nicer in the hand so, I have
found some old utensils and cut off the steel handles and
fashioned wood handles for them, some from trees in my
own yard , such as Cherry and Japanese maple .

 Above, fish knife with Oak handle .

To the left, forks with Red Oak and
Olive handles .

Above, soup spoons with White Oak .

To the left, bread knife with
Japanese Maple wood .
 To the right, wood blanks .

Below, Cheery and Japanese Maple
from my yard .

The big project for 2014

Almost finished on the viewing side, still needs patina on the solder .

 The glass is finally cut and fitted and ready
to go . Now to figure out how to assemble .
 And in this photo, the window is being
leaded up, a real tough job if I say so
myself, the technique's are being invented
as I go...... sorry, no books to explain
what to do next, its somewhat of a experiment .

 Here we have a layout of some of the glass, its
been cut and fitted along with some beads
that will be set around the girl . The sharp object
is a lead cutter .

Here we have some of the lead lines ready to
process , they are being cut buy hand [ mine ].

This is a example of glass painting .
Eventually this piece will be the central part of
a leaded glass window .
     The painted lady is a Alphonse Mucha design
just perfect for my Art Nouveau window .
 Above is the second step in painting, ready
to fire, only brown and white so far .
 Above is the burnt orange ready to fire .

On the right the final product, with real gold and
platinum fired into the glass , also shading .

And below, the pencil design in detail, it
will have many chunks of glass, really
heavy lines of lead [ lead sculpting ] and
a few other tricks .
Progress as of 3/12/14